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Latest Stories

NEWS A healthy gut can reverse autism, major study finds

June 22nd 2017

It's nothing to do with the brain—autism can be checked and even reversed by focusing on the gut, a major review has concluded.

NEWS Aspirin is a bigger killer among the over-75s than everyone thought

June 20th 2017 /

Older people who are taking aspirin as a just-in-case preventative against heart disease might want to think again after new research has discovered the drug carries a far higher risk of fatal stomach bleeding than was previously thought.

NEWS Red onions have the double-whammy killer punch against cancer cells

June 19th 2017 /

When it comes to cancer-fighting foods, you have to know your onions, in fact. They are the most effective in the onion family because they have two chemicals that kill cancer cells, scientists have discovered this week.

NEWS Benefits of some operations could be down to the placebo effect, says leading surgeon

June 15th 2017

Many surgical procedures are risky and unnecessary—and any improvements the patient may feel afterwards could all be down to expectations, a leading surgeon has said.

NEWS Scientists devise the ultimate anti-cancer diet

June 15th 2017 /

Scientists have come up with the ultimate anti-cancer diet that could prevent—and even reverse—the disease.

NEWS Older mums myth destroyed: they're just as likely to have a healthy baby

June 12th 2017 /

It's a myth: women who have children later in life aren't more likely to have a 'sickly child', or one born prematurely or with a low birth weight, researchers have discovered.

NEWS Low-fat milk raises Parkinson’s risk

June 9th 2017

Another nail in the coffin of the low-fat foods industry: topping up your tea or coffee with skimmed or low-fat milk increases your chances of developing Parkinson's disease, but using the full-fat variety doesn't have the same health risk.

NEWS Late eaters put on weight and increase diabetes risk

June 8th 2017 /

We're told we shouldn't eat last thing, and there are good health reasons for the advice. Eating a meal or snack at 11pm can increase your weight and raise hormonal markers linked to heart disease and diabetes, new research has found.

NEWS Stop taking aspirin to prevent heart disease—it doesn't work

June 7th 2017

Aspirin is the world's most common just-in-case pill that is supposed to help prevent heart disease—but unless you've already suffered a heart attack, it's not going to have any benefit, new research has discovered.

NEWS Common antioxidant reverses skin ageing and makes you look younger, scientists prove

June 5th 2017

Want to look younger? Scientists have discovered that a common antioxidant has the power to slow—and even reverse—the usual signs of ageing in the skin.

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