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NEWS Fennel is effective natural alternative to HRT

May 19th 2017

Fennel is nature's HRT for post-menopausal women. The herb is as effective as the drug for treating all the symptoms of the menopause—and without the side-effects, a new research study has discovered.

FEATURE Snore no more

2017 (Vol. 27 Issue 11) /

Simple lifestyle changes could be the answer to snoring and sleepless nights, says Harald Gaier

NEWS Sugary sodas stop you getting a good night’s sleep

November 21st 2016

Sugary sodas and energy drinks can rob you of sleep. Drinking too many cans of the drinks every day can cut the amount of time you sleep to just five hours or less.

NEWS Don’t lose sleep over your smartphone

November 14th 2016

Using your smartphone too much can make you lose sleep, and also affect the quality of the sleep you do get.

NEWS A low-fibre diet can stop you having a good night’s sleep

January 18th 2016

What you eat can determine the quality of your sleep. Not eating enough fibre, while eating too much saturated fat and sugar, can cause light, disturbed sleep that isn’t restorative, and you wake up feeling tired the next morning.

NEWS Landmark ruling for woman suffering electro-sensitivity from mobiles, wi-fi

September 3rd 2015

A French woman has won a legal battle for disability payments after she said that her electro-sensitivity to radiation from mobile phones and wi-fi networks had made her incapable of working

FEATURE Lightening the wintry gloom

2014 (Vol. 25 Issue 8) /

The colder weather can bring on a host of ailments, but natural treatments can keep them at bay, says Dr Harald Gaier

NEWS Acupuncture eases fatigue and depression

August 5th 2014

Acupuncture "significantly improves" fatigue, anxiety, depression and sleep problems

FEATURE Migraine and vitiligo

2013 (Vol. 24 Issue 9) /

addresses your most pressing health issueswith promising alternative treatments and those proven to work

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