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NEWS New cause of Lyme disease discovered

February 22nd 2016

Scientists have discovered another cause of Lyme disease. A new bacterial species—also transmitted by a tick bite—has been identified, with the first cases being reported in three states in the US’s upper Midwest.

NEWS Most test centres produce wrong diagnosis of Lyme disease

September 8th 2015

Three out of four centres offering tests to diagnose Lyme disease, the debilitating condition caused by a tick bite, are returning false results

FEATURE GcMAF: super hero?

2014 (Vol. 25 Issue 8) /

Scientists examining how certain molecules in the body work have stumbled upon a 'supermolecule' that they claim is the key to healing a vast array of illnesses-fromautism to cancer

NEWS Lyme disease is 10 times more common than figures suggest

September 2nd 2013 /

Lyme disease-a debilitating condition caused by a tick bite-is far more common than the official figures suggest

FEATURE Pet pot shots

2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 5) /

If you've got a dog, it's likely that he was barely out of his carrier kennel before your vet insisted he be given his first jab

NEWS Scientists discover a 'new Lyme disease' from tick bites

December 7th 2011

A new tick-born disease is starting to make its way around the world


2011 (Vol. 22 Issue 1) /

Elena Ravalli was 37 years old when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1995, after she had complained of vertigo, numbness, temporary vision loss and fatigue-all of which are classic symptoms of the disease

NEWS How you can get Lyme disease right outside your front door

October 13th 2010

You get conditions like Lyme disease from ticks in areas such as woods where deer live

NEWS New test detects Lyme disease quickly and accurately

June 23rd 2010

Scientists have finally come up with a test that can quickly detect if you have Lyme disease, the bacterial infection that many thousands have developed from a tick bite

FEATURE Lyme disease : A leaky brain

2009 (Vol. 20 Issue 1) /

The first cases of Lyme disease (LD) occurred in the US, but it's now acknowledged to be a worldwide problem

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