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NEWS Autism more common in autumn babies—and mothers’ vit D levels could be to blame

September 5th 2016

Autumn babies are more likely to suffer from learning difficulties. This is probably because their mothers’ levels of vitamin D, the ‘sunshine vitamin’, were at their lowest when they were conceived, researchers believe.

FEATURE Stay sharp till the end: the secret cause of Alzheimer's

2014 (Vol. 24 Issue 11) /

New evidence showsthat sugar, a highly processed diet and nitrates in food and fertilizers may bethe cause of our Alzheimer's epidemic

FEATURE 100 ways to live to 100

2014 (Vol. 24 Issue 10) /

To mark the New Year, we've compiled what we consider the 100 most important pieces of advice we've written over the years into a handy reference guide for how to live a long and healthy life

FEATURE 7 steps to a smarter child

2013 (Vol. 24 Issue 6) /

School's about to get tougher thisSeptember, but you can boost your child's brain power at any age

FEATURE ADHD: 7 Clues to a calmer kid

2013 (Vol. 23 Issue 11) /

Your doctor will likely prescribe a drug for your child's ADHD, but most cases can be solved by investigating these seven suspects

FEATURE Fluoride: the dumbing-down effect

2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 8) /

Fluoride added to drinking water ispoisonous to the brains of growing children and the greater the exposure, thelower the IQ, concludes the first major review of all available evidence

NEWS Fluoride in drinking water lowers children's IQ levels, Harvard study confirms

August 28th 2012

High levels of fluoride in drinking water dramatically lower IQ levels in children, Harvard scientists have discovered

NEWS Fish oils reverse adolescents' learning problems and withdrawal

February 13th 2012 /

Omega-3 fish oils are doing what drugs can't for adolescents - they're helping them overcome serious mental problems such as learning difficulties, forgetfulness, hearing voices and withdrawal

FEATURE ADHD: It's the diet, stupid

2011 (Vol. 22 Issue 3) /

Schools are unprepared for an 'avalanche' of cases of ADHD (attention-deficit/hyper-activity disorder) children, a UK expert warns-but most are caused by food sensitivities, and can be successfully treated by a strict diet, new research has discovered

FEATURE Infertility and assisted reproduction

2010 (Vol. 21 Issue 9) /

Babies born as a result of invitro fertilization (IVF) are up to two times more likely to have birth defects than those born naturally, says an alarming study from France

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