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NEWS 80 per cent of doctors admit to using useless drugs and treatments

October 27th 2016 /

More than 80 per cent of doctors admit they have prescribed drugs or carried out treatments that they know are unnecessary or ineffective—including giving chemotherapy to patients with advanced cancer.

FEATURE An eye opener

2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 6)

Want to keep your eyesight sharp into old age? Look to antioxidants, says Harald Gaier

NEWS Drug companies deceiving people about benefits of statins

February 26th 2015 /

The drugs industry has used 'statistical deception' to exaggerate the benefits of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and down-play their risks, say researchers

FEATURE Preventing cataracts

2015 (Vol. 25 Issue 10) /

QI'm a 60-year-old woman, and I've just been told by my doctor that I have the beginnings of a cataract developing in one eye

NEWS Statins do increase risk of cataracts, major study finds

December 4th 2014 /

It's been suspected for some time that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs cause cataracts-and now a major new study has almost conclusively proved they do.

NEWS 'Statins for everyone' predicted as US lowers risk levels

November 18th 2013 /

Everyone over the age of 55 will soon be taking a cholesterol-lowering statin, doctors predict, after American heart specialists last week lowered the requirements for starting a prescription

NEWS Hidden evidence reveals statins do more harm than good

September 16th 2013 /

Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are doing more harm than good, and should be abandoned as the primary therapy for heart disease prevention, a major review has concluded

NEWS Statins now linked to cataracts as side effects mount

August 9th 2012 /

Another side-effect of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs has emerged: they increase the risk of cataracts

FEATURE Preventing cataracts

2011 (Vol. 21 Issue 12) /

Cataracts-cloudy, opaque patches in the lens of the eye-are often considered an inevitable part of growing old, like becoming wrinkly and going grey

NEWS Drugs that cause eye problems in older patients

June 2nd 2010 /

Drugs for depression and Parkinson's disease are causing eye problems - such as vision loss and cataracts - in older patients

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