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Monkeying with the truth

The US and UK governments and the press are exulting in the recent highly public hanging of Dr Andrew Wakefield, found guilty of misconduct by the British General Medical Council (GMC). Wakefield, you may recall, is the British gastroenterologist who first raised the alarm bells over the measles–mumps–rubella vaccine (MMR).

In the minds of many medicos and in the press, the MMR vaccine now stands fully vindicated. The scientist who claimed that the MMR vaccine causes autism has been discredited. Order has been restored.

In our Special Report this month, publisher Bryan Hubbard set out both to investigate the Wakefield decision and to uncover any evidence purporting to demonstrate the safety of the vaccine.

Wakefield never maintained that the MMR vaccine caused autism. All he did was raise a cautious alarm after finding that a number of children with autism were presenting with the same gut problems that seemed to have developed right after their MMR jabs.

Now, he and his colleagues in America have carried out a subsequent study on monkeys, which demonstrated that the hepatitis B vaccine can cause neurological damage and progressively severe chronic inflammation in gastrointestinal tissue—exactly what he originally discovered with the MMR vaccine and autistic children.

Despite being exhaustively peer-reviewed and accepted for publication, Wakefield’s monkey study was subsequently pulled as ‘not suitable’ for publication after the GMC delivered its verdict. The pulling of the study ultimately became the centrepiece of our story. The more that Bryan dug into this issue, the more layers of deceit he uncovered in the form of censorship, data-massaging and burying of damning data.

He found dirty tricks at the heart of medicine that would have made Richard Nixon’s Watergate henchmen proud. He found journalism bought and paid for by drug companies.

But what has been most shocking to us as journalists is the misinformation spread about by our own colleagues in the press. Virtually no major newspaper, or TV or radio station (save the Huffington Post) has bothered to look beyond the official releases of the GMC or government agencies to learn the truth about MMR. Some journalists have even allowed themselves to get in bed with drug companies.

The safety of the vaccine is now beside the point. Wakefield’s error was to challenge medicine’s most sacred cow: vaccination is now in a sense a standard-bearer for a certain mindset. It represents the triumph of Science over the randomness of Nature. Most doctors look to vaccination as proof that medicine has conquered infectious disease.

Researchers, scientific publications, doctors, drug companies and even journalists are willing to do almost anything to maintain that assumption of a priori benefit. Vaccination is now performed for its own sake—whether or not it is necessary, beneficial or even safe. To attack anything about any jab has come to be viewed as treason.

What needs to be put on display is not an honest scientist like Wakefield, but the level of deceit that is now routine—among scientists, researchers and reporters—all in the name of the public ‘interest’. 

Published 29 March 2010 10:20 by Joanna Evans
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codriscoll said:

I'd like to see this monkey study published.  It needs to get out there, and if not in a scientific journal, then at least on the internet.  

March 30, 2010 12:04 said:

I fully support Dr. Wakefield and am very anti-vaccine having done years of research on the subject.  However am very sceptical of the monkey experiments. How do we know they equate with humans?  There have been too many mistakes made from results of animal research due to biological, anatomical and physiological differences. Lets not forget the harmless (to monkeys) virus transferred from monkeys kidneys used in the polio vaccine that has caused cancer in thousands of people.

March 30, 2010 12:29

c.bedford said:

Following the original links of autism to the MMR vaccine by Dr Andrew Wakefield,   "The Truth about Vaccines" by Richard Halvorsen (available from Amazon) was published. This controversial book claims that the UK government misleads us over vaccines and consistently plays down the risks.

Despite the concerns raised by Dr Halvorsen in the book he is not against vaccination, just that they are not being used responsibly and that indiscriminate mass vaccination is irresponsible and dangerous.

I wonder how long it will be before he ends up being hauled up before the GMC.

March 30, 2010 20:34

graham said:

It's clear that the GMC want a public display - the execution, hanging, castration and/or humiliation of Dr Wakefield - yet there is also the issue of double standards when doctors kill patients e.g. in the case of Jane Barton, and yetb are allowed to continue to practice as a GP.  

Sooner or later scientific research will uncover the truth, probably later, but it will happen. It is already understood through epigenetics that changes to DNA influence the way the body functions. It just has to be pinned to the tail of the vaccine beast.

April 6, 2010 12:55

richard ponsonby said:

Wakefield's findings have never been refuted. He is themodern Galileo. Future generations will be shocked at the way the establsihment has treated him.

April 7, 2010 15:41

shampain said:

The really sad outcome is that if there are risks with vaccines, Wakefield's truly aweful mishandling distracted from this.  His research methods were unethical (taking patient samples without consent, paying friends parents for blood samples, being on the pay role of a law firm, making up data) and therefore wrong.

This doesn't mean that vaccines are completely risk free.  Just that Wakefield has been so comprehensively discredited, that any sensible debate about vaccine safety should not inlcude either him of his research.

Wakefield's claims have been demonstrated as false andbased on his conflicts of financial interest.  But, vaccine safety isn't therefore a given fact.  The specific claim that MMR causes autism has now been shown not to be a valid link.  But this doesn't mean that vaccine can never cause harm.

April 8, 2010 20:37

kaledonia said:

publish it on Facebook - the baby -boomers new toy

April 9, 2010 17:58

blobby said:

Here is a great interview with Dr.Wakefield and Dr.Mercola.


April 10, 2010 11:14

jill3 said:

well my son had the mmr and does have adhd and add , soon after and i had t ofright the nhs and gps and fund privte medical reports and asessments and was part of a legal case in uk to sue on behalf of my son, for this and the doctor placed at the gmc was just uk goverment and medical drug compines covering thier back and knowing more parents would be able to sue  if this never happened, so something had to be done, my son now an adult lives daily with the efects the mmr drug did to him, know my self looking more to nautal treatments for my medical condations, yet getting any nhs trust to put them i still a no no, and if one has no spare cash to join or pay for other forms of treatment, in uk , then what kind of life does one have, AS a perosn used to go to the gym and swim and be ative my knee op in 08, made be worse to such a point, NHS treatments failed and now wheel chair users and trying to educate myself of natual foods and other info and treatments  ie herbs, yet with other medical ill health, is like a mind field to know what to try and how this could effect the drugs i take for my other ill health, and i am only 45. my mother whom does not  think other than nhs drugs for what she suffers from, i am more open to ideas i seen on this site.

April 19, 2010 01:30

jennifersymonds said:

it is very dificult to go natural on a disability benefit + income support, but I am doing it, even though I'm running ot of the savings I had: I' NOT going back to artificial chemical wallpaper I was getting for free from the NHS including vaccines

May 7, 2010 17:16

laraC said:

I agree with Richard Ponsonby. Wakefield is the new Galileo and it is quite incredulous yet unsurprising that he be made the vaccine village idiot. I know several families whose lives have been heart-breakingly destroyed by the MMR jab.

Wakefield was an inconvenience and was interfering with the bigger plan to systematically destroy the human population through their depleting and damaging the immunity at cell level. What most people fail to understand is that the human body regenerates its entire cell structure every year or so, therefore it demands an intelligent, manmade-free approach to its survival! When i studied my Holistic Aromatherapy 17 years ago there were thousands of drugs on the market, of which only 16 had been tested thoroughly and out of those 16, a mere TEN were deemed SAFE! Such is the world of allopathic medicine. I suppose the Govt is finally conceding that the MMR vaccine is unsafe because with the lack of 'uptake', it is no longer lining their pockets sufficiently. The banks run our finances and the pharmaceutical companies run our health. The Govt is in bed with both.

This is how it's always been. BTW I thought the monkey virus that contaminated the live polio vaccine by means of monkeys kidneys started the AIDS epidemic not cancer? :-s  Personally, none of my kids have had any vaccinations nor do they eat red meat or dairy. The difference in their health in comparison with their peers at school is astounding and i am live in gratitude to WDDTY and Vera Schneider for alerting me to the dangers of vaccinations, red meat and dairy over 20 years ago now :)

September 2, 2010 12:44

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