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For the benefit of mankind (but shareholders first)

For that small handful of you who remain convinced that the pharmaceutical industry is there solely for the benefit of mankind, please read on (and if you already know it’s not, please read on as well, otherwise I’ll lose my entire audience in the first paragraph).


The money-making ways of the drugs industry are well known to many doctors, researchers, academics, and politicians (some of whom have shamelessly taken bribes, donations and gifts from a drug company or three) – now they’re known to the well-meaning delegates of the World Health Organization (WHO).


As millions of people in developing countries die needlessly each year, the WHO thought it would be quite a good idea if drugs and research could be made available to these poorer nations and people.


In all, 193 member states participated in the initial review phase, and then invited interested groups – such as the drug companies – to add their views to the strategy.


To nobody’s great surprise within WHO, 11 of the 12 drug-industry groups hid behind the needs of intellectual property (IP) to protect their research and patents.  In other words, they would have loved to help those poor, dying people, but IP is IP.


But what did surprise the delegates was that 11 of the 14 patient groups that were consulted sympathised with the drug industry’s position, and agreed with them that life may be sacred, but IP (and the interests of shareholders) is more so.


On closer examination, the delegates discovered that the groups happened to be receiving generous grants from. . .(oh, do I really have to say it?) 


The delegates were also disappointed to read that the submissions from the patients’ groups used identical phrases.  It was almost as if they were taking dictation from. . .(oh, do I really have to say it?)


Representatives from Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and India, who attended the WHO meeting, wrote about their concerns in The Lancet the other week.  In a wonderfully understated statement, they said: “. . .we have serious doubts as to the motives and the credibility of these submissions to the public hearing.”


At the end, they also wrote: “We declare that we have no conflict of interest.”  Now that’s a phrase you don’t see too often in the pages of The Lancet.

Published 29 November 2007 09:52 by Bryan Hubbard

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cliff said:

Hi Bryan. We get great enjoyment from reading your reports. Keep it up, May we suggest that you and Lynne set up a CLUB, in which members can get access to all the high level supplements soon to be denied us!!  I suggest we set up an underground supply line for todays common supplies. CQ10, chromium,Vitamins, etc. I have taken WDDTY for years, in that time I have refused some four or five drugs that have since shewn ill results,but pushed on with supplements with great success.

The latest move seems likely to be the addition of Thiamine,Vitamin D,and Goats Rue to my list. I wish there was somethig to cure (or delay) a second appearance of Hodgkins disease in a great friend. Do you happen to know of one??Best Wishes for Christmas and 2008plus,plus.

December 5, 2007 15:43

Fred van Kleven said:

For the benefit of mankind (but shareholders first):

I'm convinced that cheaper medications don't reach the patients but disappear on the world market, whether they are produced locally or delivered at a lower price. I don't see how the poor can be helped, money is too attractive for local commerce.

December 6, 2007 13:28

Janet Thompson said:

Yes, keep up good work re: drug companies / share holders and the fact that alot of drugs cause more harm than good

December 7, 2007 12:13

whale said:

Pharmaceutical medicine is a nasty hoax apart from a handful of drugs.  I think Allende of Chile worked out they needed about 12--for that he was ousted by the CIA

"The pharmaceutical "business with disease" is the largest deception and fraud business in human history." --Dr Rath MD

This system is a medical monopoly called Allopathy

One of the best kept secrets of all time.

Nutritional medicine can replace it easily which is why they are carrying on with CODEX and the like

"For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect." — Pfeiffer's Law

And curing the patients usually, without nasty side effects like addiction (10 million on just the benzos or death--25,000 suicides down to Prozac.

With Vitamin C, for example, that will cure all infections and make vaccination unecessary (assuming it did anything, which it doesn't), as well as reverse heart disease and prevent cot-death

Then herbal medicine can replace it also, as *** Shulze has proven in clinical practice (cured all cancers, AIDS, heart diseases, alzheimer's etc)

"80% of my patients were well just after doing my thorough bowel cleansing program."--Richard Shulze, ND., MH

the above quote just reveals the real cause of most disease--toxemia, not a shortage of supplements, as Tilden and co discovered a century or so ago

the big joke on their Codex racket is the fact we can get all the nutrients we need from the garden or from superfoods like the one Urasmus put out, and by cleansing our organs.

"For that small handful of you who remain convinced that the pharmaceutical industry is there solely for the benefit of mankind."

the drug industry is a textbook example of a psychopathic organisation, when you dig deeper you will find its main aim is to cause as much suffering and death as possible, for one thing that increases sales vastly, and thins out the useless eaters, another well proven goal of the Elite engineered by Kissinger.

You only have to see the HIV/AIDS racket exposed by Rappoport to get their REAL nature

and vaccination

and their criminal suppression of cancer therapies

to get a taster

"As millions of people in developing countries die needlessly each year, the WHO thought it would be quite a good idea if drugs and research could be made available to these poorer nations and people."

They engineer all of the wars and try to kill them with baby milk (1.5 million there)

spend most of 'health' funding on vaccinations which just kill or maim them

"If we look closely, we realise that health for all, according to the WHO, means medicalization and vaccinations for all.  That is to say sickness for all."---Guyliane Lanctot, M.D.

"The World Health Organisation (WHO) was a cover for bringing together an inside group of people whose purpose and intent was much different than what was generally thought and publicly portrayed.  Lots of illegal activity went on without detection and across borders...among other things, it was also a cover for drug deals, child prostitution, heinous experiments on human beings, illegal sale of babies etc.........Most of the free trade these men were REALLY alluding to was in illegal drugs (cocaine, heroin), pornography, prostitution, and weaponry.....These men had no scruples, no compassion or ability to empathize with the feelings of others; instead they were self-seeking and ruthless---without conscience."---- Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's mind control slave by Brice Taylor p91.

As Mbeki worked out (anyone with 2 brain cells could do it) the drugs are just designed to kill, eg AZT, how anyone can fall for a cancer drug rejected as too toxic  is going to kill a virus, is anyone guess, just goes to show people just trust and don't think

ARV genocide

AZT genocide

“We have not been able to discover any good reason why most of the people on earth believe that AIDS is ...caused by..HIV. There us simply no scientific evidence demonstrating that this is true (or) why doctors prescribe a toxic drug called AZT...we cannot understand why humans would take that drug for any reason.”---Kary B. Mullis (Inventing the AIDS virus by Peter Duesberg)

"The recommended AZT dose for African infants and small children is the same per kg of body weight as the original high-dose AZT that is widely acknowledged to have killed an entire generation of grown men, and which has not been administered for almost a decade."--[Jan 2007] The WHO's Blueprint for Genocide

December 9, 2007 20:44

Qira said:

I totally Agree that in todays world not much is being done for the poor people. Many N.G.Os claim to be helping thousands of people but I am sorry to say that only a bunch full of people are convinces by their assistance in the medical field. Many drugs which are made at a very cheaper price are often sold at a price ten times greater disabling the lower class to buy those medicines. It is a shame that we being humans tend to kill our own kins ruthlessly..................    

August 16, 2008 08:23

Freeman said:

To date, about a dozen applications have already been filed.

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March 22, 2014 16:06

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