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MMR: It's safe when you remove the damaged kids

Around 7,000 American families have joined a very long queue to try and win a cash settlement after their children suffered permanent, or longterm, damage from one of the 'safe' vaccines such as the MMR.  To win their case with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VCIP), the families must prove a direct causal link between the damage done to their child and the vaccine.

For this, they must locate good scientific evidence which would be recognised and accepted by the VCIP board.

Unfortunately, as we're always reminded, scientific studies have consistently proven that the vaccines are absolutely safe.  Even Dr Andrew Wakefield's infamous claim of a possible link to autism has been discredited by medical research.

And, as luck would have it, in the very week when the VCIP started reviewing the merit of the parents' claims, the august New England Journal of Medicine published another study that suggested that the vaccines - and especially the thimerosal preservative used in the vaccines - didn't affect neuro-psychological functioning.

To discover the safety of the vaccines, the researchers looked at the health records of 1,047 children aged between 7 and 10 years who had been given their first thimerosal-loaded vaccine as a baby.  They couldn't find anything out of the ordinary among the children.

However, in making their selection, the researchers took out any children who had existing neuro-psychological problems, such as encephalitis, meningitis or hydrocephalus, as this might have caused 'bias' to the results.

So let's get this straight.  The children who were removed from the study had been vaccinated, and they were displaying neuro-psychological problems.  Once removed, the researchers were left with a group of healthy children, whose very well-being 'proves' the vaccine is safe.

Don't expect any pay-outs any time soon from the VCIP.


Published 26 October 2007 14:36 by Bryan Hubbard
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John Fryer said:

Hi Bryan,

I take issue with what you say.

They don't ignore the cases in the way you describe.

They ignore the cases because the families have sick or dead kids and the parents are in prison.

You cant include 100 000 a year baby batterers and their dead children can you?

John Fryer MSc BSc Vaccine Adverse Effects Researcher

October 27, 2007 21:52

bryan said:

Hi John,  Thanks for the comment.  Not sure the original paper quite supports your contention that the children missed out were offsprings of baby batterers or prisoners.  They were left out simply because they had existing neuro-psychological problems, and the researchers wanted to monitor for any neuro-psychological conditions that developed between the ages of 7 to 10.  Clearly, the children who were discounted weren't dead, otherwise they wouldn't even have been considered for assessment in the first place.

Bryan Hubbard

October 29, 2007 10:54

Doreen Carlson said:

Thanks Bryan for pointing out the shameless manipulation of research data for vaccine safety.  Cases of SSPE (encephalitis) are directly linked to the MMR yet as you point out, eliminated from the accounting.  Post-mortem, encephalitis has been found in autistic children. Sterile meningitis is possible from measles proliferation in the spinal fluid.  No excuse for eliminating these cases in the current study - except if you want to promote vaccine use without accounting for these nasty side effects.

October 29, 2007 14:14

Bryan said:

Thank you for your thoughts on this, Doreen.  I fear that the autism link to MMR has become the be-all and end-all of the vaccine safety debate when there are so many other possible problems with it that have been overlooked, as you rightly point out.

It's also very worrying that health officials keep pointing to the research that deems the vaccines to be safe when the trials are propaganda dressed up as science, as I've hopefully demonstrated.

October 29, 2007 16:08

joyce mac intyre said:

perhaps the more we understand the diseases they inject the children with should be studied more . They dont ask the parents if the child has any immune system problems or if they have any allergies to eggs or dogs, thats where the grow the live vaccines from sematics with words does not help! augmented means semi live or live otherwise you wont recieve any ant-bodies agaist the live ones Please allow our parents intelligence they can read and write now so be aware be very aware.

yours joyce macintyre

October 30, 2007 15:04

Beryl said:

Children develop signs of autism at or around the age they receive the MMR jab so  it is all a big coincidence. This is what the Government preaches. I asked my MP to ask in the house, why my grandson developed symptoms of autism a year later than normal. He had the MMR jab a year later than normal because he was a premie, and had a bad reaction to the Dip/tet, so we put off the jab until he was due to go into Nursery. He didn't have the Whooping Cough jab because of athsma in the family. My Doctor did agree that was safer.

M.  screamed for 3 days like a trapped animal after the jab, and had temperatures up to 105 F. The happy potty trained, chatty toddler was back in nappies within a week, stopped talking until he was 4, wouldn't make eye contact, and couldn't stand being touched.  And that was all a coincidence???

October 30, 2007 15:05

Arthur Bailey said:

The one line of research that they never seem to do is to compare the overall health of children who have had the MMR jab and those who have not. Perhaps that is because they do not wish us to know the truth. If 100,000 children who had not had the jab were compared with 100,000 who had, then the overall pattern of their illnesses as they grew up would be very revealing. Obviously in such a test, NO-ONE should be excluded whatever. But who would fund the survey???

October 30, 2007 20:37

Saltation said:

one note: wakefield's original MMR research was NOT discredited by subsequent medical research.  it was discredited by a witchhunt instigated by the sunday times, based solely on:

1. claims of undeclared conflict of interest

2. a profound lack of understanding of experimental design on the part of the journalists, leading to claims that reports on experimentally "self-selected" subjects were invalid because they suffered from self-selection bias.

October 30, 2007 20:41

Salltation said:

an amusing aside:

the overwhelming consideration in the NHS's decision to move from 3 jabs to 1 jab was financial:  a single £14 dose instead of around double that cost in total.  (the "some people don't do all 3" is a furphy -- represents a vanishingly small proportion of the population so has no real mass-immunisation impact)

there is currently the proposal to inoculate ALL girls with the anti-cervical cancer jab.  this costs of the order of £200 per girl, or an average of £100/person.  due to the way it works, it is expected to benefit the nearly 10% of girls currently carrying the particular targetted virus at a young age.  and of those 10% only a tiny proportion are anticipated to contract the (quite treatable) cancer without the jab.

on a cost-effectiveness basis, insisting on the MMR jab (without even allowing parents the option of paying the difference for the 3 jabs) is a cynical disregard for real people's real consequences of breathtaking arrogance.

October 30, 2007 20:49

Margaret Greene said:

I see parents in America have had some success with MMR vaccine damage payments; it should be the same in Britain. My son received the MMR February 1989 within 3 weeks he was diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 insulin dependent.  The MMR he received was withdrawn but no big headlines there. I tried with hundreds of other families in this country to get recognition that this vaccine was causing serious problems but to no avail.  he was just 4 years old then. His life span may well be shortened by about ten years but no-one cares.  I work with children and each year we see a decline in behaviour and strange behaviour especially in boys - why?  The experts try to convince us they are now better at diagnosing different conditions!  Food mainly gets the blame but I firmly believe all vaccination is a timebomb in some children - the unlucky ones.

October 30, 2007 22:04

Anonymous said:

Hi Bryan,

I'm afraid you have misunderstood the aims of that study.  The hypothesis it was testing is whether early exposure to mercury from vaccines is associated with abnormal neuropsychological functioning in children by 7-10 years.

The reason why they exclused children with documented neurological problems was so that they could test whether, in otherwise normal children, there are measurable deficits in neuropsychological functioning associated with mercury exposure.  From the data they present, they couldn't find any.

You seem to be suggesting that the group of children excluded was an unfair thing to do, since the problems they were excluded for might be due to the vaccines.  Of course, that was not the hypothesis being tested in this study and would need a separate study to determine if there was any association between mercury exposure and problems such as hydrocephalis, meningitis, etc.  The authors did not report whether such an association was found.

October 31, 2007 16:21

whale said:  more detail on study scam

an old ploy of vaccinators, remove all the kids that would be damaged for the trials, and then give it to everyone

similar to no vaccination controls

November 22, 2007 19:55

whale said:

"The one line of research that they never seem to do is to compare the overall health of children who have had the MMR jab and those who have not. Perhaps that is because they do not wish us to know the truth."

They wont do that one!  They NEVER do trials using 100% unvaccinated controls as it would destroy vaccination.

Dan Olmsted did his own and that exposed vax completely

and they used antibodies as a measure of immunity when that theory was disproven years ago

some other studies

Salzburger Elternstudie (Survey of / by parents) (2001-2005)   Results: Unvaccinated children -- virtually no asthma; vaccinated 1 in 10; and three to five times less Neurodermatis.......Englische Kohortenstudie (1988 - 1999)    Results: Vaccinated children are up to 14 times more likely to have asthma than the unvaccinated and up to nine times more like to have skin problems. ......Langzeitstudie in Guinea-Bissau:    Results The death rate for unvaccinated children is about half that of the vaccinated.  .....Schwedische Studie an Waldorfschulen: Results Unvaccinated kids have a lower risk of allergies..[May 2005 Germany]

"The conclusion of the research report was: Children who received all of the AAP recommended vaccinations were 14 times more likely to become learning disabled and 8 times more likely to become autistic compared with children who were never vaccinated.  Donald Meserlian, P.E., VOSI Chairman & ASTM Member March 2002

so, do you know now why they wont do any decent studies?

November 28, 2007 17:59

FERNE said:


November 30, 2007 11:59



November 30, 2007 12:00

g w bush said:

 even though the bush and quale families and involved with elli lily it doesent mean we have passed laws protecting vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits because we are money and power seeking scum. on the contrary we are criminals of the highest order and dont give a damn about the fate of babies and we only want to create lifelong customers for big pharma-so there                                                               g w bush

December 23, 2007 23:19

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